Profile of Chandigarh Education

Chandigarh is one of the most popular education destinations in India. Chandigarh has a number of schools in its territory with the aim to provide every child schooling facilities within one kilometer area of her/his residence. There are also quite large numbers of private educational institutions besides Government schools. The administration of Chandigarh is extending the ‘Grant-in-Aid’ policy to schools having secular credentials recognized for encouraging the entrepreneurs in privately managed education. 

School Education in Chandigarh

Like the rest of the states and Union territories of India, Chandigarh too follows the 10 plus 2 system. Chandigarh boasts of a number of world renowned schools offering quality education to its students. Some of the top rated schools in the Union Territory are Capital Model High School, Ajit Karam Singh International Public School, Guru Nanak Public School and Capital Model High School. Schools are either affiliated to CBSE or ICSE board. There are few international schools as well. There are several residential schools too which has students from all over India as well as from abroad.

Higher Education in Chandigarh

The higher education system of Chandigarh is also an excellent one attracting students from all corners of the world. Higher education produces word class students in every stream and the important colleges in Chandigarh are:

  • University Business School – Chandigarh, Panjab University
  • Chandigarh College of Engineering and Technology (CCET)
  • Chandigarh College of Architecture
  • Government College of Commerce and Business Administration (GCCBA, Panjab University)
  • Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH)
The 2 important universities offering courses in English, Economics, Commerce, Public Administration, Vocal and Information Technology are Punjab University and PEC University of Technology.

Director of Higher Education, Chandigarh

The Department of Higher Education of Chandigarh Administration was established to provide high quality education with the adoption of innovative teaching methodologies, and cutting-edge technologies and up-gradation of infrastructure in all its institutions of higher education. There are nine Government Colleges and seven Grant-in-Aid Colleges under the purview of the Department of Higher Education, Chandigarh Administration.

APEX Educational Bodies of Chandigarh

Important Education Institutes in Chandigarh

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